World’s Most Fat Woman and Obesity

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World’s Most Fat Woman and Obesity


Women have more problems with obesity and overweight than men. Obesity in women is defined as the overgrowth of the body.

In his body, when the normal weight is more than 30%, the person is defined as obese. Body mass index (BMI) is the most commonly used method for the definition and diagnosis of obesity in women.

BMI is a statistical measure and compares the person’s weight with his height. Although it is not a system that measures full body fat ratio, it is a useful method to measure healthy body weight of the person.

The BMI was discovered by the Belgian sage Adolphe Quetelet between 1830-1850.

Many studies show that female obesity has increased over the years. Obesity is closely associated with diabetes is now known by everyone. It is also a condition that triggers psychological disorders such as obesity and depression.

A woman who has obesity in her family should be more careful with this situation. In addition, post-pregnancy weight can cause obesity.

World’s Most Fat Woman and Obesity

Symptoms of obesity in women
Other symptoms other than the visible weight of overweight; lack of energy, change of the person’s appearance, easy breath of breath, indifference to physical activities, back pain, joint, knee, hip pain.

Female obesity often presents with sleep apnea, cancer, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, diabetes, gout, osteoarthritis, high cholesterol and many other diseases. In general, obesity in women causes many physical and psychological problems.

There are signs that the person can determine on his own. These;

Disproportion in the body
Crack formation
Loosening of arms and thighs due to relaxation and increase in fat
Psychological traumas (people often become stressed, anxious and unable to do their daily work)
The above symptoms help to determine if the person is obese. These are the most common symptoms of obesity, but they are not the only symptoms. It is not uncommon for a person to be aware of his / her own obesity, so it is extremely important that he or she should see a doctor to make a diagnosis. Thus, with a specialist, a method of treatment may be chosen.

World’s Most Fat Woman and Obesity

Types of obesity in women
Obesity in women is divided into the following categories;

Type 1 obesity – BMI is between 30-34.9.
Type 2 obesity – BMI is between 35-39.9.
Type 3 obesity – BMI 40 or higher.
Type 1 obesity usually occurs due to over-eating, not by the lack of physical activity. Type 2 obesity is seen in 1% of cases and is caused by some health problems and may occur despite regular lifestyle.

Simple obesity
This form of obesity is the state of body fat storage as a result of excessive energy intake (over-feeding) and non-use of this energy. Most obese people are included in this category. There are two types of simple obesity;

Obesity or obesity from childhood
This type of obesity is an obesity from childhood and continues in adulthood. This is usually seen in people with a family history of obesity. The person has more appetite from the 6th month of his birth and the fat cells in the body begin to increase. Metabolism is slow. They are not insensitive to insulin, increasing exercise and limiting nutrition is no use.

These people usually gain weight from their limbs.

Secondary obesity
This form of obesity is usually caused by an illness. E.g; Cushing’s syndrome, metabolic obesity, hypothalamic obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome and insulin tumor. In order to start to lose weight, the disease that causes it must be treated.

There are different types of obesity in women. These;

Android, jinoid and mixed types are divided into three.

Jinoid is the type of obesity that affects the lower part of the body. Oils are collected in the lower abdomen, legs and butt.
This form of obesity can damage one’s important organs. For example, the intestines, kidneys and uterus are internal organs that will be damaged in this case. It is useless in the form of obesity, exercise and diet.
The third type of obesity in women is a mixed type. Some people don’t fit the other two types of obesity. In this type of obesity, the body appears in the form of a barrel and its mobility is restricted.
Causes of female obesity
Obesity in women is the result of a combination of several factors. Weight gain is often the result of more calories entering the body than it can burn. Obesity is a chronic disease with strong genetic components. Also fast food causes obesity. Other factors that cause obesity besides unhealthy diet are;

Insufficient physical activity,
The presence of another obesity patient in the family, genetic factors,
Aging and other socio-economic factors,

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