World’s Heaviest Woman Attempts To Lose Weight To Wed

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World's Heaviest Woman Attempts To Lose Weight To Wed



What are the ways to lose weight fast?

What are the ways of fast attenuation?

You will renew yourself with the scientific tips applied in the diet nutrition education system and apply the art of nutrition in your body and you will feel the changes quickly. Here is Exp. MWT. Selahattin Dönmez’s suggestions …

You can improve the quality of your regular exercise by creating an oxygenated environment in the body. In this way, you can have a chance to appear much thinner than the weight you give. Here a 250 ml every 20 minutes during the exercise. drinking water will allow you to do the exercise longer. Remember to drink plenty of water and breathe through the nose. In order to be able to lose weight fast, I also recommend you to remember that afternoon meal is the healthiest alternative.

How many meals to eat fast to lose weight?
Generally, the rule that individuals are trying to lose weight and try to apply is 6 meals. However, healthy individuals never need 6 meals. Because of frequent eating some hormones, especially the satiety hormone, leptin, prints and body insulin balance creates an unusual imbalance in the urge to eat food. A balanced diet for fast weight loss is 4 meals. You can lose weight quickly with breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner. If you take care of meals between 3 and 6 hours, your metabolism will be regulated and your body will balance your energy by accelerating your weight loss.

Do you drink too much water?
I’d like to tell you more about a diet you’ve always heard. An overweight person cannot lose weight by drinking liters of water per day even if he / she is healthy. The purpose of drinking water is to maintain the body’s water balance and keep the environment necessary for your body to work. Just drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, if you want to increase fat burning, not to lose weight, I recommend you drink at least 13 glasses. You can drink up to 2 teacups of black tea a day so as not to lower your body resistance while losing weight. I recommend that you drink 5 cups of green tea for the continuity of our metabolic movements. Here’s another key point! Don’t believe those who don’t drink coffee. Drink up to 4 cups of filtered coffee a day will accelerate your weight gain. Contains ingredients called cafes and cafestol will help you to lose weight.

Recommendation: Drink these drinks at least 1 hour after your meal. Thus, nutritional values ​​are not lost.

One of the practical ways to lose weight is walk …
The biggest mistake many people have made while giving weight is to make walks at fast pace. If you want to lose weight and want to look thinner when you want to lose weight, choose to walk at slow pace. You can burn 70 percent more fat than a normal exercise with a slow-paced long walk. I suggest you walk at least a minimum of 4.0 on the hiking band at least 5.2 minutes. With the physical activity you will do 4 times a week, you will easily get rid of the fat that is accumulated in your stomach, abdomen and hip with the help of your healthy diet.

Use oxygen well and lose more weight
If you want to burn more fat while exercising, you should develop a technique that will provide plenty of oxygen. The easiest way to do this is to breathe through the nose only during exercise.

Eat pistachios not exceeding 15 pieces
What you eat during breaks is important in losing weight. It is the perfect source of copper and manganese in 1 intermediate meal. Pistachio is one of the rare nutrients that provides ease of intake even with so little food.

Another benefit that is effective in weight loss is to reduce the salt!
One of the most important nutritional deficiencies is the use of salt in meals. Many people add salt to the food, thinking that salt needs are coming in contrast to what is believed. In fact, you will meet your daily intake of salt with food. Remember that 1 gram of salt in the body is about 200 vücut250 ml. holds water.

High protein meal at noon will speed your weight loss
When we look at the weight gainers, we see that they usually eat vegetables both at noon and in the evening. They usually try to achieve success by eating two foods rich in protein. But if you eat vegetables at two meals after a short period of weakness, hair and eyebrows spills, while a decrease in attention, the weight loss process after 3 sonra5 weeks enters the hesitation. Do not do this! If you eat two meals with protein-rich nutrients and only meat and varieties, your weight loss will be slightly higher than that of vegetables. At noon you eat fish / chicken, bread with vegetables, yogurt, bread and salad, evening palms.

Eating different food every day at breakfast increases the speed of vemre
In the studies done, eating different foods, both unevenness and also allows all the food to be eaten. But different foods have proved that there are different benefits beyond these two emotions. Always consuming the same foods unfortunately lose weight

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