What Are The Dangers Cesarean Delivery ?

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What Are The Dangers Cesarean Delivery ?


What is Cesarean Birth?
The fact that most of us know as alın caesarean i is actually bir caesarean section ile.

Births performed by caesarean section are sometimes performed on the preference of the mother candidate, sometimes in case of necessity. Due to the fact that the caesarean rate in Turkey increased to over 50%, the Ministry of Health started to take various measures to prevent this.

Caesarean section is called c-section in English and C / S in medicine.

How is Cesarean Section Applied?
Cesarean section is the procedure of removing the baby from the womb with a horizontal incision made to the lower region (bikini area) of the mother’s abdomen. In cesarean deliveries, it can be ensured that the mother can witness the birth by temporarily anesthetizing the nerves that go to the lower parts of the body, but most cesarean delivery is performed by general anesthesia, that is, the mother completely.

What Are The Dangers Cesarean Delivery ?

In epidural anesthesia, the mother never misses the moment of her baby’s birth and can see it directly, but unfortunately, in the cesarean deliveries performed by general anesthesia, the mother unfortunately considers her baby 1-2 hours late and breastfeeds late. In such moments, the baby, the fish out of the water already did not expect a cup at a time out of the mother is deprived of his mother on top of the.

There is nothing I can say about general anesthesia in case of necessity, but it is absolutely necessary to inform the mother and relatives about the anesthesia procedure to be performed. There is no information about the subjects that are expected to be done by cesarean section in some hospitals, which are not planned, and that only cesarean will be done, how this will happen, what kind of a situation will be encountered, the choice of alternatives, and similar issues. When the mother was the first person to see her baby, she was the last person to be seen waking from general anesthesia.

When Cesarean Birth erken
First of all, you are taken to the operating room instead of the delivery room, then the serum is inserted into your arm, the place where the incision is made is cleaned, the preparations are completed by placing the bladder at the end and you are anesthetized by intravenous route. If you are going to have epidural anesthesia, a curtain is placed between you and the physicians who perform the caesarean section. Then the uterus is reached and the baby’s head first, then the body is removed.

What Are The Dangers Cesarean Delivery ?

Sometimes a tool called forceps is used during removal of the baby.

What are the compulsory cesarean?
Breech Birth: It is the type of birth that may occur if the baby comes to the birth canal with his buttocks and not with his head. Except for breech, the baby can enter the birth canal either sideways or diagonally. In such cases, even if the anatomy of the mother is suitable for normal birth, there is a risk. Cesarean delivery may be required.
Multiple Pregnancies: Multiple pregnancies with high incidence of treatment may require caesarean section. In such cases, normal birth may be risky for babies and mother.

The closure of the uterus of the uterus Plesentan: When such a situation occurs in the baby birth canal as a result of bleeding and different situations related to it will be a risk for both mother and baby.
Infant (Macrosomia): Although it is usually found during pregnancy follow-up, especially in the last weeks of birth, the baby is defined as a baby, when the baby weighs 4 kg or more, and a caesarean section may be preferred to prevent damage to both mother and baby during normal delivery.

Early Separation of the Placenta: Placenta would not be wrong if we call it the source of life that provided the baby to be fed from the mother. Separation of the placenta before the baby in the womb means that the oxygen and nutrient sources that go to the baby are interrupted. In this case, the baby and mother are at risk. Therefore, it can be delivered by emergency cesarean delivery.

What Are The Dangers Cesarean Delivery ?

Uomes in the uterus: Caesarean section is preferred because of the possibility of these myomas being occluded and narrowed.

Doing the poop in the mother’s womb: the baby in the mother’s womb to make a poop because of an inconvenience is a sign that something is wrong. The baby’s kaka is still called meconium when it is still in the womb, and this is mixed with the amniotic fluid. In such a case, if the baby swallows the amniotic fluid of the meconium during normal delivery, it is a serious risk, from the infection of the lungs to the death of the baby.

Failure of Birth and Baby’s Difficulty: contractions, contractions, even when the birth of the baby’s birth can not be opened even if the birth of the baby’s cervical canal. The main reason for this is that the baby’s head is not positioned towards the canal. In such a case, caesarean section should be performed because the mother and baby are at risk.
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