The Natural Home Water Birth

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The Natural Home Water Birth



What is water birth and what are the benefits?

The birth in water is a birth method that has always been heard by mothers and has been widespread in Europe and America for the last 30 years. The birth in the water is being wondered by many mothers. Well, what are the benefits of birth in the water, in which cases the birth in water is risky, we answer these questions.

Birth in water is a method of birth made in a fan of hot water. In water, a bath or pool is filled with 37 degrees of water. Hot water relaxes the person and relaxes the muscles. In the birth of water, complications due to normal birth are prevented.

What are the benefits of water birth?

Today, many mothers prefer the birth of the water and the baby does not end up counting the benefits. The relaxing effect of water allows this unique experience to overcome both individuals with less trauma.

-For baby to reduce the stress of birth gives the baby a sense of confidence.

– Since the baby is similar to the mother’s womb, it provides a more comfortable transition for the baby.

– It helps the birth pain to pass more easily.

– Relieves mother and baby and facilitates birth process.

– Speeds up the birth process.

-Thanks to the mother’s body weight, it facilitates movement during labor.

– Reduces blood pressure due to stress caused by birth.

-Water allows the mother to secrete endorphin hormone and endorphin hormone is less felt due to pain.

-Increases the elasticity of the region by relaxing the baby’s area. In most births, there is no need for epipsyotomy (easing the birth of the vagina wall during delivery) and stitches.

– It prevents possible ruptures in deliveries without epipsyotomy.

The mother witnesses the birth process in a peaceful way, as the mother will not only relax physically but also allow her to relax spiritually.

-Suires her with the privacy that your mother needs.

– In the later stages of birth, the mother’s energy level is high.

What we don’t know about water birth!

What are the requirements for water birth?

– It is imperative that the family receives professional preparation training before birth. Birth in water is a natural birth. A peaceful environment should be ensured that the family should not panic.

Full communication and trust should be established between the mother and the health personnel.

-Mother should be a suitable candidate for birth in the water. Risky pregnancies are not suitable for birth in water.

– Professional persons who will support the family should be educated and eager about natural birth.

– The hospital should have adequate staff and training for emergencies.

How is water birth done?

The opening period of birth is carried out as far as possible. If possible, water is entered in the upcoming stages of childbirth. The temperature of the water should be monitored very well. The birth takes place under the guidance of a specialist midwife or doctor. The baby can be given to the mother’s arms as soon as she is born.

In what circumstances is water birth a risk?

When the necessary environment is provided, the risk of birth in the water is not higher than the risks in every birth. In addition, the process of birth of the water calms both individuals is easier than normal. In our country, the birth of hospitals with birth possibilities in the water is likely to increase birth day by day.

– If the baby’s upside down, water birth can be risky.

– If the baby is too large, the birth may be risky.

– If the mother has diabetes, water is not recommended.

– If the mother will give birth to two or more infants, the birth may be risky.

– If the temperature and disinfectant of the bath or pool to be bathed cannot be well adjusted, the birth may be risky.

– If the mother’s feces are infected, the germs in the feces can infect the baby.

-Patient delivery, the birth canal during delivery because of the risk of infection brings with it.

-Patience does not promise a painless birth as much as the epidural provides.

– If the mother has excess weight, the birth may be risky.

– It is not recommended to give birth in water at early birth.

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