Tejido de Punto Cuadrado Con Dos Agujas

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Hand knitting is valuable and truly exclusive for all of us. Therefore, the value given to these products is always very different. Of course, there are serious differences between knowing a little and knowing very detailed. For this reason, we also take care to compile special knitting projects that you can easily do even if you know less. In this way, you can make great products yourself, you can successfully finish and use. In this project, we will look at making two easy skewers with you. It will be a really easy and convenient project for you and you will have great pleasure in this knitting job, you will be able to produce hand-knitted socks in great colors for yourself and your loved ones. The application given here is suitable for a child of 12 years. You can do the right way by reducing the size of the stitch and knitting.

The necessary materials are skewers and rope. You can choose the rope in the colors you want, you can make warm knitted socks for the winter months. The scheme below will make your job seriously easier. In this way, you will end long by knitting and sewing process.

knitted socks with two bottles
In the diagram above, they detail the production of socks with two skewers. Now let’s explain the scheme from the left. Left end and front wrist section. The pink area is the upper part of our foot, ie the front side of the foot comb. The yellow part is the nose of the socks. The second is the pink part in the middle under the foot, the next yellow heel area. The yellow field on the right is the starting point.

Starting with 24 stitches is enough for 12 years, ie 32-35 foot. Accordingly, you can adapt this number to yourself. You can cut up to 8-10 stitches in the nose cuts and 10-12 stitches in the heel. Then you’re going to increase the 24 stitches again and give you newness.

You can make this easy and very practical two-spit sock model with different shapes, ropes and colors.

Now let’s move on to the sewing stages.

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