Secret Gross Things All Girls Do

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Secret Gross Things All Girls Do



Why is genital hygiene important?
The female genital region is open to the outside and it is more susceptible to external infection microbes because of its proximity to the anus. Although many resistance factors that are formed by the body are prevented in normal situations, the breakdown of physiological balance can easily lead to infections.
As in all parts of the body, there are points in the genital area to be considered in terms of hygiene. First of all, genital hygiene should be taken into consideration in many subjects from antibiotics used in underwear to daily use, to buffers and pads used in menstrual periods.

If not, which diseases develop?
Unless you pay attention to the cleaning of the genital area, there may be many infections caused by bacteria and fungi. A discharge fungus such as a feta cheese cut, a yellow-scented, slimy discharge should call for bacterial vaginosis and a green foamy flux, a microbe-induced vaginal infection called trichomonas. In addition, people who do not give importance to genital cleansing can be seen even parasites such as pubic lice and ticks.

What to do in the period, what to avoid?
Menstrual bleeding creates a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria due to some substances it contains. For this reason, infections may occur frequently in women during this period. The vaginal pads used during menstrual period should be replaced with new ones at frequent intervals. Vaginal tampons do not disrupt the natural environment of the vagina when used properly, but they provide a suitable environment for infection when they stay in the vagina for a long time. Other than vaginitis, they can also cause life-threatening toxic signs.
Although there is not enough medical reason to prohibit sexual intercourse in menstrual period, it is recommended that you do not have intercourse or condoms during periods of intense bleeding.
Women who are at risk for infection (who have more than one partner) or those who have a risky relationship with their spouse and who have had frequent infections beforehand should not have intercourse. It is necessary to avoid bathing in the period. The preferred standing should be bathe.

What kind of underwear should she use, why?
It is necessary to use cotton underwear. The warm and humid environment of the external genital area offers a very favorable breeding environment for pathogens and fungi. Synthetic and nylon fabrics increase the temperature and humidity in this area and prepare the ground for infection. Therefore, women are recommended cotton underwear. If possible, changing the laundry every day is appropriate for health. After swimming or heavy exercises, moist underwear should be removed and the genital area should be dried after bathing.

Should I use a daily pad? What are the benefits and drawbacks?
Some women may be uncomfortable with the normal discharge, which we call very little physiological. In this case, the use of daily thin pads may be recommended. When replaced sufficiently often, there is no harm in using good quality pads (those with a cotton surface). In addition, daily pads will be useful in people who have vaginal infection and who have started treatment.

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