Reasons for late period – Why is my period late

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Reasons for late period - Why is my period late


As a result of the balanced work of hormones in women every month, regular menstruation takes place. Hormones may not be able to get in a certain order during the first few years and menstrual irregularity is normal.

The same is true before the periods of “perimenopause“ and “menopause id, where menstruation is close to expiration. Menopause lasting period after the last menstrual period begins after 12 months. Also in certain systemic diseases, menstrual irregularities may be seen.

In case of a complete cessation of durum amenorrhea Adet is called. Except for certain physiological conditions such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause, the menses are called amenorrhea in the medical language.

Female reproductive ability is directly related to menstruation. For this reason, the girl who has no reproductive ability before the adolescence period becomes dönem fertile adet with the ability to reproduce with the onset of menstruation.

Menstruation ensures that women are not at any moment, but at ovulation times.

Reasons for late period - Why is my period late

What does it mean to see pieces?
Menstruate; Intrauterine tissue (endometrium) is bleeding with bleeding.
Menstrual period can be divided into 3 stages:

“Follicular Phase” where the first stage egg is selected and matured until it reaches a diameter of 20 mm
The second period is the azı Ovulation Phase ‘where the mature egg is thrown from the ovary in the form of a small explosion.
The third period is the uar Secretariat Phase r in which the uterus is prepared until the embryo settles in case of conception.

If this cycle will continue with pregnancy, the hormone levels varying with the arrival of the intrauterine embryo and the intrauterine special mechanisms do not occur with the menstrual. comes from the vagina. From time to time, the inner membrane of the uterus is suddenly thrown away as a whole and can be called painful and painful.
What does our body need to see regularly?
Many organs work together to see the menstruation on the female body.

The hypothalamus region in our brain, the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland in the neck, adrenal glands, ovaries, uterus, vagina and the female external genital area of ​​the vulva are robust and occupied.

If any of these functions are impaired or in the body, such as disease, stress, hunger, extreme sports, or any other condition in which the body signals an emergency, the menstrual cycle may be disrupted.
Why should an unregistered woman go to the doctor?
When the woman who does not have a menstrual visit to the doctor; The doctor first takes a detailed history about the patient, the family history and then the breast development, body development, body mass index (BMI), ultrasound examination of the genital organs, genital organ examination, and hormone profile (FSH, LH, TSH, Estradiol; TSH) and biochemical values.


External genital organ examination is necessary to see the development of both secondary sex characters, and the evaluation of vaginal patency, as well as the diagnosis of congenital genital organ development disorders and deviations. Sometimes a very simple hymen cover (hymen imperferatus) may be the reason for not seeing menstruation and can be removed by a simple surgical intervention.

In amenorrhea that develops in a woman who has menstruation, hormonal disorders as well as ovulation (anovulation) are sought. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) may be the most frequently encountered disease.
Young girls or women who do not have a menstrual cycle should consult a doctor for a thorough examination of the underlying causes of congenital and subsequent congenital events.
What can be due to my inability to be a piece?
For every woman who is not a men, no matter what age, a Adet menopause ‘should be questioned. Women can be menopause even before age 40, even before age 20. Family history is very important. Some genetic diseases, smoking, chronic diseases, drugs, chemo / radiotherapy may also be the cause of early menopause. Especially women who want children should go to the doctor without delay in every menstrual disorder.

Prolactin is a hormone secreted from the brain with a nipple alert and without requiring a baseline warning. A low level of prolactin hormone may cause menstruation.

Life-threatening conditions such as anorexia, bulumia, which are more frequently observed in young people; severe depression and menstrual disorders in sleep disorders.

Although testicular feminization is genetically male, androgen (male hormone) causes female appearance due to insensitivity and these individuals never have menstruation.

Turner Syndrome is a genetic disease which is rarely seen in menopause after a small chromosome and shortly, flexible arms, and nonsyndetic visualizations such as nasal hairline.

Birth control pills, 3 months of protection needles, the use of hormone spiral, after the curettage of the uterus (Asherman Syndrome) may not be in the cases of healing. Be temporary


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