Parotidectomy for Large Facial Tumor Removal, Parotid Gland

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Parotidectomy for Large Facial Tumor Removal, Parotid Gland



Facial Pain Can Be Tumor Originated

Symptoms such as imbalance in walking, facial pain, tinnitus, nasal congestion or nasal discharge can be caused by skull base tumors. The confusion of the ailments with different diseases and the fact that the skull base tumors do not show any symptoms in the early period may delay the diagnosis.

It can occur at any age

The brain under the protection of the skull performs its functions by moving through the holes in the lower part of the skull, the nerves and the spinal cord. The upper part of the skull is mostly understood; There is also a structure descending towards the nose, eye, ear and spinal cord. Nerves, veins and spinal cord in this region, which occur in diseases, both anatomically and regionally complex diseases. Skull base tumors that can be seen at any age, craniopharyngioma in childhood, pituitary tumors of 30-40 and sometimes 50 years of age, meningiomas and Schwannom occur.

Take care of these symptoms

Generally, benign skull base tumors do not show signs in the early period because of their slow developmental rate. In the following period, especially head and chest tumors with severe pain;
Double or blurred vision
Hearing loss or ringing in the ear
Nasal discharge or congestion
It may give symptoms such as imbalance in walking.
Feelings can be confused with different diseases. When these complaints occur, patients first consult with the ophthalmologist. After a thorough neurological examination, diagnosis can be made following radiological examinations such as computed tomography (CT), brain tomography and MRI.

Stain and care about the moles

It is known that genetic transition is particularly effective in cranial base tumors, especially in the case of neurofibromatosis of Schwannoma. Patients with Schwannom tumors, which usually develop in the brain, ears, and peripheral nerves, have large blotches such as common moles or milky coffee.

More advanced operations

Tumors that appear in the lower part of the skull are in an anatomically difficult area and should be treated in specialist hands. When the disease is in the brain’s shell, this part can be reached by lifting the skull dome. However, when the problem is at the base of the head, it may cause undesirable effects in the brain. With the advancement of technology, endoscopic skull base tumors; it can be entered through the nose, through the eyes, through the ear, through the neck and through the nasal area without damaging the brain. Advanced technologies such as neuromonitorisation and neuronavigation, which take safety to the upper level, are utilized to prevent damage to the nerves such as smell, vision and facial movements during the surgical procedure.

In some cases additional treatment may be required

Since the skull base tumors are usually benign, additional treatment is not needed much. However, in some formations located at the depths of the skull base, for example, tumors that are located in the main carotid region, Gamma knife, cyber knife and LINAC treatment can be applied.

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