Many Living Things in Last Years

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Many Living Things in Last Years

2018 may have been bad for people, but it was a real disaster in nature. For many thousands of years, many living things have been destroyed by human beings directly or indirectly.

It is a fact that the extinct creatures do not fall behind the dusty historical photographs on the pages of the encyclopedias.


Many Living Things in Last Years


It is of course a lie that human beings are no longer as savage as ever, and modern societies are more respectful of animals’ right to life than before. Although modern societies begin to live on their own in the world and try to protect animals in special areas, the bills of all unconscious damage to the environment are cut off by them.


We don’t want them in the world anymore. Although we claim that it is not, 8 billion people approaching the population and the desire to be the sole owner of nature is clear.

Many Living Things in Last Years


Now, instead of slaughtering animals directly, we destroy the living areas and dry the food and water resources. For this reason, the generation of animals continues to be exhausted despite all efforts to protect them.


2018 was a really bad year in this sense. Many of us have passed away not to come back.

Many Living Things in Last Years


The most famous of these was of course the white rhino. The last male representative of his species, the Sudanese male rhinoceros, drowned in nature by dying in Kenya in 2018. The armed guards, who had watched at the beginning of his life until the end of his life, were telling a lot, even though the white rhinos actually had a good population, they had been the target of hunters aiming to make things like magic and drugs from the horns, and their descendants run out quickly. There are two females in life at the moment and this means that the lineage is already depleted. Reproduction studies were done before the death of the Sudan, but this process was very expensive and the sperm of Sudan were very old.


The world’s most rare marine mammal, Vaquita, discovered in 1958, or the Turkish name of the Gulf Muturu also faces a similar fate.


Many Living Things in Last Years


It is said that this species may have been 100 years ago for this very rare species, but it is thought to have fallen to several because of the wrong fishing methods.


Among the creatures that have been extinct in the past year are the most famous blue makav.

Many Living Things in Last Years


These parrot species living in Brazil are no longer available in nature due to the destruction of Amazon forests and dam works. But they are believed to be between 60 and 80 in captivity, that is, domesticated. Their protection can continue.


Alagoas Foliage-gleaner, Alagoas leaf looker is a bird species that has not been seen since 2011.


Many Living Things in Last Years

This song bird was discovered in 1975. The species that lived in Brazil disappeared by improperly cutting the trees.


Until 2002, the mysterious tree hunter was described as the same species as Alagoas Foliage-gleaner.


Many Living Things in Last Years

Since 2007, it does not appear in nature.


Po’ouli, the small songbird in Hawaiian, was last seen in 2004.


Many Living Things in Last Years


The reason for the disappearance of this animal is believed to be the destruction of nature by wild boars, hunting by cats and rats, and diseases caused by mosquitoes.


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