Live Broadcast from the Streets of America

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Would you like to watch 4K quality live broadcast from the streets of America? Enlarge the screen and experience this excitement. You will have a lot of fun with the unique music in the background.



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10 Advantages of Living in America

“As far as the movies have been learned, the excitement of living in a geography where aliens will land for the first time is justified.” said a sour lexicon. 🙂 Let’s take a closer look at the living conditions of the USA, which is among the most developed countries in the world.

1. Per capita income is high.

* Per capita income is a concept expressing the average welfare level of the people living in a country. Per capita income is only an indicator of an average. This income does not represent the actual income individuals living in a country receive from the national income.


2. Population density is low.

It is one of the countries with the lowest population density and the highest land per capita in the world. Therefore, the vast majority of people live in large houses with gardens.

In the USA, the ratio of total city areas and areas opened for development to total land is 4%. 96% of forest, agricultural areas, desert and other open areas. for example, 98% of Oregon is closed to development and the part where development is allowed is in the 2%.

3. The license age is 16.

Since public transport is poor, you can get a 16-year-old driver’s license and car – fuel prices are very cheap. You can buy a car for even $ 500. Gasoline is $ 0.67 per liter.


4. Living expenses are very cheap.

Apart from car and gasoline prices, electronic goods, grocery shopping, brand clothes, etc. it is very cheap. To give an example, iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB: $ 769. Meat is 5 dollars per kilo.

5. You will have the chance to buy not only the cheapest but also the best quality of each product.

“Nike has 900 factories in various countries of the world. None of these factories belong to the company. The company generally subcontracts textile manufacturers in various countries and gives contracts to factories. These factories are divided into 5 categories according to the quality of the product they produce. the top category is the gold category called “gold”. These factories are the factories that produce the highest quality products, have the least defects, the least return of their products and the most effective production. After that, “silver” and “bronze” that is, silver and bronze factories come. These factories are not the best, but they are the ones that produce and perform “can do” quality products.

The last 2 categories are yellow and red. If the factories here do not improve their situation, the subcontractor contracts will be canceled and no more tenders will be given to them. So what do these 5 categories have to do with America? Let me explain it. Generally, Nike products sold in the USA come from “gold” factories. Nikes sold in developed countries such as Germany and England generally come from gold or silver factories. Shoes in developing countries generally come from silver and bronze factories. Those that are sold as fake brands or sold in faulty markets are generally yellow or red products from factories. That’s why I throw out the same model shoes produced by Nike, while wearing the same shoe from the USA for 5 years, it can start to deteriorate in 1 year when the same model of the same shoe is purchased from another country.

The biggest reason for this is that consumer rights in the USA are highly protected. American Uncle Michael buys shoes from Nike and if the shoes fall apart in 1 year, he feeds that shoe to the store and gets his money back. That’s why Nike chooses the shoes it sends to the USA from the highest quality factories so that it does not deal with returns and repairs. Nike was just one example, and that’s how many international companies operate. ”

6. The variety in food products is very high.

Each product has a lot of alternatives, the variety is very high. It may be difficult to choose, but there will be something for everyone.

7. You live with animals.

Since America is a country of nature covered with forests, it is possible to see deer, rabbit, squirrel or even bear in your garden. 🙂

8. In the country’s village, land, agricultural areas etc. There are 4G shots all around.

The country’s mobile network system is well developed.

9. The education system in America, the land of opportunity, is quite easy.

The education system is very easy. One of our friends went to high school reading from Turkey to America, he is very easy lessons at primary school level and that they think he is a professor, and adds: “Here you can be whatever you want.”

10. You can get free water and drinks.

When you go to a restaurant in America, you can ask for as much water as you want and drink it for free. In the beverage vending machines, you have the chance to drink unlimited drinks after the first drink you pay.


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