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You remember the watermelon car ornaments that left their mark on the eighties…

In fact, amigurumi or knitting toy technique has been known for a long time in our country, but we cannot say that it is not as widespread as knitting works that meet the daily needs of people.

Let’s come to amigurumiye; Derived from Japanese words Ami (made with crochet or skewer) and nuigurumi (stuffed toy), the knitting is a well-known technique of the needle which is well known to the students.

Amigurumi is both easy to learn and decorative, cute and enjoyable hobby. However, since patterns and techniques are prepared according to foreign terminology, it is quite usual to have difficulty at the beginning level. Since it is very difficult to find a source prepared with everything in Turkish, we mentioned this issue for you…

1. Knitting Yarn
It is useful to use thick and soft yarn in Amigurumi works.

As in all knitting works, the quality of the yarn you will use is also important.

With a quality yarn, you will experience a more comfortable and enjoyable knitting experience and the appearance of your work will be more impressive.

If you are going to work on an amigurumi toy for your baby, we recommend that you choose yarns made from natural materials such as wool and cotton.

Would you like to have a look at our knitting yarns in quality, color and number of your choice by clicking here?

2. Crochet
You must make sure to use a crochet with the recommended size and size for the knitting yarn you have chosen.

In an amigurumi toy work, using the same number of crochet and thread in the whole work allows you to complete your work in the most appropriate way to the scheme.

For a more comfortable and long-term operation, you can use an ergonomic crochet with a soft handle as here.

3. Filling Material
Your amigurumi work will not be completed unless you fill the piece you have knitted.

We recommend antibacterial silicone fiber as filling material.

4. Needles
The needles you will use in your work should be medium or large size flat tip and wool needles.

Long pins will also help you in assembling parts.

After completing your work on the surface eyebrows, eyes, nose and so on. You can also choose embroidery needle for embroidery.

5. Plastic Eyes
Selecting the eyes that best match the character that appears will enhance the authenticity of your work.

There are many materials you can use for this job.

Our suggestion is to use black, flat, round beads for teddy bear or other cute animal characters.

Moreover, the application is quite comfortable!

They can be applied with the help of adhesive, some of them can be easily placed with screw structure.

Other Decoration Materials
Amigurumi is an art, you can use many materials to the extent of your creativity.

Colored fabrics, decorative buttons, paints, cross-stitch…

Decision and creativity is yours!

If you are just starting to amigurumi, or if you are thinking of starting, don’t let this scare you!

In the first stage, only the yarn and a suitable wool crochet will suffice for you. After learning the techniques, you can easily determine the accessories you will use…

Health in your hands already!

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