Knitting Basics – Getting Started

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Knitting Basics - Getting Started



Benefits of Knitting Knitting

Creates pride
Too many people don’t knit. When you show someone who has your own knitting something to someone who has no idea, it will look like some kind of magic to them. You will receive tons of compliments and make people jealous with your talent. Of course, there will be some who make demands, but this is a natural return of the producer.

Knitting Basics - Getting Started

Has similar benefits with meditation
Once you’ve mastered what you’re doing, knitting can be extremely relaxing. In simple knitting patterns, the same stitches are often thrown over and over again, so you can use your memory and take away your thoughts. These rhythmic, repetitive and relaxing movements have the same effects as meditation on your mind and body.


Knitting Basics - Getting Started

Relieves symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression
Rhythmic movements and a sense of focus help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. Sitting quietly while braiding reduces your heart rate, which leads to lower blood pressure. When you feel bad or depressed, it is a nice and warm alternative to take your skewers and begin to weave a fluffy cardigan.


Knitting Basics - Getting Started

Helps improve motor functions
Because the braid stimulates almost all of the brain simultaneously – frontal lobe (processing, attention and planning), multi-lobe lobe (sensory information and spatial navigation), occipital lobe (visual data), temporal lobe (storing memories and interpretations of language and meaning) and cerebellum ( sensitivity and motion timing coordinates) – can be used to improve motor functions of those with diseases such as Parkinson’s. Knitting helps both people develop fine motor skills and reduces other painful symptoms.


Knitting Basics - Getting Started


Slows cognitive decline
While assisting in motor functions and mood development, knitting is also stimulating to keep the brain healthy. The more you use your brain, the healthier it is and the longer it stays strong. According to the Mayo Clinic, the elderly involved in handicrafts, including knitting, say that the risk of mild cognitive impairment is reduced by 30-50 percent compared to those without.

Prevents arthritis and tendon inflammation
Just as you should run your brain to keep it healthy, you need to run them to keep your joints healthy. Dr. According to Barron, using your fingers gently will cause your cartilage to become stronger. Do you still have arthritis? Dr. Barron rests your fingers in warm water and advises you to knit using larger skewers.

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