How To Make Super Soft Sponge Cake

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How To Make Super Soft Sponge Cake



Sponge cake (cake cake)

I share with you the recipe of the sponge cake that we cannot get enough of the delicious taste of sponge. With all the tricks and the softness of the puff puff, you should definitely say the pandaspice recipe.

A soft textured, easy recipe for making home sponge cake. In a practical way, you can make great recipes with a sponge cake recipe to turn your home into pastry shops. A delicious and delicious sponge cake recipe should definitely try a recipe you will not regret. For those who try, enjoy your meal. 🙂

Ingredients for Mollusk Sponge Cake
4 pieces of room temperature eggs
1 cup powdered sugar
Half of tea cup in warm water
1 packet of baking powder
1 pack of vanilla sugar
1 cup topping + 2 tablespoons of flour
1 flick salt
Cake Sponge Cake
White and yellow eggs are separated.

Beat the mix with a mixer until the yolks are opened with sugar.
Then add warm water and continue to whisk.

Baking soda, vanilla and flour are added and the mixer is left at this stage and mix with the spatula from the outside until a homogenous mixture is obtained.

Whisk the egg whites until the salt is white and mix into the mixture and mix with the spatula.
Pour the oily paper into the base of the 22 cm clamp mold and pour the mixture.
Bake in a heated oven at 180 ° C for 50-55 min.

Note: If you put water in a heat-resistant container in a corner of the oven during cooking, your cake will be softer.

Tip: Do not remove air bubbles by saying that the tray, which is always said, is only a wrong application, by hitting it on a flat surface.

The Tips of Pandispanias?
The eggs must be at room temperature. (Preferably one night should be removed beforehand.)
The most important of the sponge cake is the whites of the eggs whitish and whisked separately.
Candy with egg yolks should be whipped together and whipped until white.
Flour, baking soda and vanilla should be added to prevent the sponge paste from becoming a lump.
Egg whites are mixed with salt until they reach 3-4 times.
When combining the whites on the egg yolks, the wooden spoon or spatula should be mixed with the foam from the outside to the inside.

Do not lubricate the edges of the greased paper.
The oven must not be opened for the first 20 minutes.
If you put water in a heat-resistant container in a corner of the oven during cooking, your cake will be softer.
You can store the pandispany in a freezer in a clean bag by placing a baking paper between them.
What Happens to Keep Pandemic from Smelling Eggs?
Who doesn’t like the smell of eggs. Eggs often smell as they are over-used or cooked too much and are stale. For the pastries and cakes that we use to pass the egg smell, you can increase the vanilla and give the aroma, such as orange peel and lemon rind, to make your dough smell and smell like a miss. 🙂
What should be done in order not to become Pandemic?
To prevent your Pandispany from going out after swelling; Keke flour should be put in full proportion, if the little flour is added to the cake dough, or if many flour is added to dry and hard.
The other reason for the collapse of the furnace from the heat is caused by the cold place. It is usually one of the mistakes we made.

Instead, the oven door should be left half-way and covered with sponge cake.
How Many Calories is Sponge cake?
About 1 portion of sponge cake is 207 kcal. Since it is prepared with ingredients such as flour and sugar, carbohydrate is a high nutrient. Those who are on the diet and should not consume too much.

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