How to Get Blue Tick on Twitter – 2020/2021 Updated Method

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Twitter announced that it will now offer the “blue tick” approved account system, which attracts great attention, to all users. But there are still many steps you need to take to be accepted into the Twitter world.

Here is an easy guide for you to reach the “blue tick” approved account status;



What Does a Verified Account Mean?

  • Users upload the following meanings to your Twitter account:
  • The public interest
  • Factual (true to the original)

Initially, its main purpose was to help users distinguish between actual celebrities and numerous impersonators and fake accounts. But it soon remained a symbol of authority, distinguishing any high profile users’ unique tweets of any interest.

In fact, you weren’t able to request a verified account before, only when they noticed you they made it accessible to you.

However, as of this statement, everything has changed.



How Can I Verify My Twitter Account?

1) First you will need to determine whether your account is in the public interest personally. This can reveal some self-criticism and some painful truths. If you regularly contribute to online posts and you can verify your identity by connecting with other original online channels, you’re in luck.

2) Log in to Twitter from the computer, go to your profile page and click “edit my profile” and make sure you fill in the detailed parts below.

  • Make sure your first and last name or stage name belongs to you
  • A profile photo with your own face
  • Profile header photo
  • About
  • Your own internet address
  • Your date of birth

3) Save the changes

4) In the next step, click on the thumbnail profile picture in the upper right corner of your profile page, click on the settings and privacy option in the menu that opens.

5) In this part, you need to:

Verify your mobile phone number
Verify your email address
You will probably have confirmed your email address when signing up, but it’s best to check it now anyway.

To verify your mobile phone number, go to “Mobile” in the menu on the left. Include your number. Enter the six-digit code you received on your phone here for confirmation.

6) Make your tweets public in the privacy and security settings.

7) Submit your account verification request by clicking here: Verified accounts FAQ

8) Make sure you are signed in to the Twitter account you want to verify.

9) You will need to provide at least two website URLs to help identify you. You will also need a 500 character explanation of why you need verification.

10) Click Next, check the details then confirm.



After that, it is up to the feedback from Twitter administrators.

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