How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram – 2020/2021 Updated Method

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What is Instagram Blue Tick?

The blue tick, which we usually see in the Instagram profiles of media / famous / well-known people (singers, football players, artists, writers, painters, influencers, fashion designers, politicians, TV programmers, presenter, athletes, etc.) or corporate brands, simply means an approved account. . The process of getting a blue tick, also called a verified profile, is both very easy and somewhat difficult.



Why Is It Important To Get A Blue Tick?

Social media is a free environment by its nature. In other words, anyone who wishes can easily open a profile, account, page on behalf of any person or brand. In other words, in social media; You do not have to prove that you are a representative of that person or brand by submitting any documents. Therefore, social media users are unlikely to know whether an account really belongs to that person. That is why the “blue tick” is important.

What are the advantages?

By the way, let’s list the advantages of getting a blue tick, that is, having a verified profile. Accordingly, the approved profile person or business;

  • Reliability
  • Reality
  • Prestige
  • Reputation

Blue Tick Provides Prestige

Having an account / profile / page with a blue tick (verified account) on social media does not only provide advantages such as security and reality. Having this privilege is also important in terms of prestige and privilege. In other words, having a blue ticking profile adds a plus value to that person or brand.



How to Get Blue Tick (Verified Account)?

So far, what is Instagram blue tick about? / “Why is it important?” We included details in the focus. How to get blue tick on Instagram now? We can move on to the question. We will explain the subject step by step. That’s why we recommend that you pick up the phone right now and log into your Instagram account.

Step 1: Login to Account

First, you need to log in to your Instagram account. After logging into the account with your username and password, if your account is a “Person Profile”, you must first convert it to a “Business Account”.

Step 2: Click on the Settings Tab

Let’s continue by assuming that you are logged into your Instagram profile and switched your profile to a “business account”. Now you need to click the icon in the upper right corner and click the Settings tab at the bottom of the window that opens.

Step 3: Request Verification

In this step, you need to click on the Request Verification button from the Account category in the Settings tab. When the relevant tab is clicked, a form will appear. Here are a few parts that need to be filled in, or more precisely, to be informed, in order to apply for an approved account. These;

  • User name
  • Name and surname
  • Common Name
  • Category
  • ID Image

In the meantime, make sure that parts such as name – surname, picture, date of birth / establishment are visible when sending identity or documents. You can hide your identity / tax number if you wish.

Yes, after making sure that you have filled in this information completely, click “Submit”. You have made your application. Now you just have to wait. Instagram will make some research on its own to decide whether you are a well-known person or brand.



Warning from Instagram

Anyone without exception can make an Instagram Blue Tick (Verified Account – Verified Account) application. However, this does not mean that everyone can get results. Instagram makes a warning about this:

“The verified badge is a checkmark that appears next to the name of an Instagram account to indicate that it is the real account of an important well-known person, celebrity, global brand, or entity. Submitting a verification request does not guarantee that your account will be verified. ”

Factors That Make Getting Blue Tick Easier

Instagram management does not give any guarantee for “Blue Tick”. Even if you follow all the steps correctly, your Blue Tick (Verified Account) request may not be approved. So, are there any other factors that make it easier to buy Blue Tick? Yeah. A simple but patient process is required.

Here are the factors that make it easier to buy blue ticks;

  • Connect your Instagram account with other social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Share regular and original content on Instagram.
  • Do not behave that would be perceived as spam. (Randomly and quickly; to follow or unfollow, like, comment, send dm, etc.)
  • Don’t buy fake followers.
  • Don’t buy fake interactions. (Like, comment, dm, viewed, watched etc.)
  • Develop actions to increase followers and interaction organically. (Original content, sponsored advertisement, recommended by influencers)
  • Regularly advertise on Instagram for a few months.

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