Feminine Hygiene HACKS You NEED To Know !

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Feminine Hygiene HACKS You NEED To Know !



Tips for Protecting Genital Hygiene in Women

In women, the genital area is more complicated than that of men, the care is more difficult, the female genital area, genitalia, large and small lips, clitoris, the entrance of the vagina, secretory glands, urethra, urine, the bowel and the anus, also contain a large number of hair follicles.

This region, including urine, sexual stimulation, sexual intercourse, sweating, secretion and defecation, and many functions such as open to diseases and requires special care and hygiene.

In fact, the genital area, which increases the sexual impulses, has a bad smell, is not a normal condition and is a symptom of genital infection.

Lack of genital hygiene leads to malodourous currents, vaginitis, which can undermine the self-esteem of the woman and may lead to negative effects on sexual life and urinary tract inflammation and many other diseases.

As a result of changes in the female body during menstrual period, especially in the vagina, the change in the environment and the resistance begins in most of this period of infection, so every woman should pay attention to every day, especially during the menstrual period should pay attention to hygiene.

So what are the points that every woman should pay attention to for an ideal genital hygiene?

1-Genital area should be washed routinely every morning and every evening, and plenty of clean water should be used in washing and quality intim shampoos sold in pharmacies can be used.

2-After every sexual intercourse, wash your genital area.

3-Never do a vaginal shower, direct water retention into the vagina disrupts the vaginal flora and resistance and causes vaginitis.

In 4-piece period, change your pads without delay, especially if you are using tampons, don’t forget to change your bumpers.

5-After the rest of the toilet needs to make the clearance from the front to the rear of the deletion process, ie, the vagina to makata correctly done in the direction of the breech of the germs in the vagina is caused to infect.

6-Choose cotton underwear. Synthetic undergarments prevent the ventricle of the genital area and do not absorb sweat, causing the genital area to remain moist and infected.

7-Change your underwear every day.

8-If you are going to use public toilet, you should sit down after covering the toilet bowl with disposable paper. Remember, many genital and skin infections are transmitted by contact with infected surfaces.

9-If you suspect that your partner has genital infection, avoid sexual intercourse or, at worst, use condoms.

10-Waxing and hair removal procedures, hygienic places and professional hands.

11-Have your gynecological examination and smear test at least once a year with or without your complaint.

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