Don’t Make These Mistakes In Pregnancy !

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Don't Make These Mistakes In Pregnancy !



From time to time, misconceptions about pregnant women affect pregnant women and cause them to make mistakes and cause discomfort in pregnancy. Many women accept certain things about pregnancy as true, but in fact they are wrong and fall into error.

7 Error Made During Pregnancy
Errors made during pregnancy can be listed as follows:

1- Influenza vaccination damages pregnant women. No, on the contrary, the flu vaccine helps protect the mother and her baby from diseases. Under the supervision of the doctor and in accordance with the recommendations of influenza vaccines do not need to fear. Please note that during pregnancy, the flu can be very severe, and pregnant women may be more affected by the flu than others.

2- Fish eating will harm the baby. Never! Unlike fish food, it is very useful for baby. There is no harm in eating fish twice a week. Fish food is quite good for baby’s development and eye health. You can especially eat salmon or tuna fish.

3- Pregnant should eat two persons. Bad idea. For the health of the baby you need to accept many proteins and vitamins. Eating two people may cause your baby’s obesity problems in the future. A glass of milk and plenty of green vegetables, fruit, white cheese sandwiches, no harm.

4- Hair dyeing will harm the baby. It is completely wrong thinking. The paint you hit on your hair also hits your skin, but it has no harm to the baby. Especially if you prefer natural blends, it eliminates all the bad possibilities. The only point to pay attention to is the odor of the paint, which can lead to nausea. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to paint your hair in an open air environment or in an airy environment.

5- When you are pregnant, you do not have sex. It’s the wrong idea. The more often you have sex, the more you believe in the harm to the baby. The baby protects the placenta and uterus, the muscles of the uterus. If you have only sexually transmitted disease, you can pass on to the baby and use a condom to prevent this.

6- If your abdomen grows upright, baby boy. No, there is no such conviction. Every woman has different anatomy and the baby is moving, grow up by her. There is no different abdominal structure according to the sex of the baby. The baby chooses his movement and its position.

7- It is the baby’s hair that causes nausea. The nausea in pregnancy is caused by the effect of hormones on the stomach. The baby’s hair may not cause nausea or stomach pain.

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