Daddy Takes Care of Baby

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Daddy Takes Care of Baby



Maybe the mothers will be a little upset, but Father Fathers Day needs to be given to the fathers. According to research, the quality of the bond between father and child is very important in the development of the child. So, what should fathers be a good example to improve the quality of their relationship with their child? Expert Clinical Psychologist Ece Eryilmaz from the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, DBE.

Maybe there’s no praise on mothers. Most of the time they may feel themselves in the second place in the eyes of their children, but scientific research gives them the rights of fathers. Because the relationship that children have with their father plays a critical role in shaping many points from vocabulary to analytical intelligence.

Ece Eryılmaz, Clinical Psychologist at the DBE Institute of Behavioral Sciences, explains that the role of the father as much as the mother in the development of children’s mental health is very important. Stit Some new studies with fathers show that the interest of the father to continue after birth is related to his interest in prenatal care. Although it is known from the beginning that women are ready for motherhood biologically and hormonally, there are some hormonal changes in men with the baby falling into the mother’s womb. Nevertheless, men are not expected to feel the feeling of paternity as soon as they take the baby. Or It is stated that the development of the father role will be easier for men who spend more time with their children, who are in physical contact and help with self-care, da he said.

According to the researches, the father’s interest and closeness and growing children’s academic performance is higher, Eryılmaz said, ın Some studies show that fathers show their children academic attention; he says he brings more academic achievement than mother interest. As a matter of fact, it was found that positive attitudes, motivation and cognitive skills towards school were higher in these children than those who lacked the father’s interest. It was determined that attracting attention from the father contributed to the self-confidence of the children and contributed to their internal control mechanisms. Some researches have shown that the mathematical intelligence of their fathers who interact more with their children is positively influenced and they have a larger vocabulary. the child’s emotional and physical needs should be met by the father. For example, the child can say that he loved, can cuddle, smiling and joke to express his love in a tangible way. At the same time, listening to the problems he is experiencing, without trying him to find solutions to ways of trying to communicate and talking about his emotions. These cause the child to feel valuable and to feel safe. In addition, the role of fathers in nutrition is quite large. A father who feeds his child will ensure a close relationship between them.

Father of the outside world
Another important role of fathers in the home and outside the world to take on the role of a guide Eryilmaz attracted attention, et In the preschool period, the father to prepare the child for the outside world to play physical games to encourage, on the other hand, to build the child’s autonomy to gain self-confidence is important to build small steps. For this reason, fathers can teach their pre-school children how to dress, how to meet the guests coming home and how to deal with their daily disappointments. In primary school age, they can support money management or a sport / arts branch in order to encourage them to work. Explain their own school experiences. In adolescence, showing that fathers are eager to talk with adolescents, wondering about his thoughts about himself and life, telling his life experiences without giving any advice, will support the continuity of his dialogues. Including the activities outside the home, social responsibility projects, or the father’s own work to be overwhelming and tiring adolescents to include adolescents will feel self-esteemed and secure. In addition, adolescents should talk to their children about alcohol, substance abuse, friendship and violence. Lık

According to Eryılmaz, learning how fathers learn to control themselves plays a critical role. The children of the fathers who behave calmly in the face of naughty, sad or disoriented children show that their boys are less aggressive, and that their daughters have less problems with their friends. On the other hand, the father must provide discipline against his children. So how should this be done?

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