Born Without Arms: Inspirational Mother and Son Live Life to The Full

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Born Without Arms: Inspirational Mother and Son Live Life to The Full



What is Disability? What is the place of people with disabilities in society?

In short, the condition of disability, which is defined as disability, is also referred to as ve disabled, disabled or disability tanımlan. Even in official documents it is possible to see these annoying terms. For example, “caries ask report is given to people who are incapable of going to the military due to a defect. However, some arrangements have been made in this sense. Regarding this, the official use of the word ”handicapped em in our country is prohibited.

The only shortage of people with disabilities is not the rough names that are given to them. Many people with disabilities are troubled by their approach to society. From personal life to the social environment, some of the disabled citizens in all areas of life are mildly disabled and some are severely disabled. While people with severe disabilities cannot perform most of their vital activities alone, people with mild disabilities are more advantageous in this sense.
Disability situation is divided into 3 according to general headings.

Physiological Disorders

The physiological disability of the individual, which is a kind of congenital or later exposure, is caused by the loss or decrease of the ability of a vital organ as a result of an inconvenience or accident. Examples such as respiratory disorders and organ failure are two of the physiological obstacles.

Mental – Neurological Control Problem

Hearing, vision or other senses related problems are seen. In cases of this type of obstacle arising as a result of congenital or later problems, the inability to detect the senses, even if it is perceived, cannot be interpreted correctly in the brain, even the senses cannot be transmitted within the nervous system. Learning disabilities, attention deficits, loss of vision, problems of inability to hear, problems of emotional perception, etc. are included in this type of disability.

Physical Obstacle

Even though it does not affect the life functions, it is the type of disability caused by obstacles such as not being able to walk due to loss of limb. It may be congenital or exposed to life.

What is the place of people with disabilities in society?

People with disabilities face many problems in their lives. In the solution of these problems, it is possible to develop highly practical solutions and to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities on the basis of both state and volunteerism. Activities such as wheelchair basketball matches are very important in bringing citizens with disabilities to society and keeping morale motivations high. Although the need in recent years in Turkey, we need many programs drawing attention to the specific situation of persons with disabilities in western countries, banners, although prepare activities such as organization, it does not decrease the problems in the social life of people with disabilities and communities. Although the attention of the society has been drawn to the problems experienced by people with disabilities, life has reversed after the campaigns in terms of implementation.

For example, the ury blue cap collecting and consequently wheelchairs ury flick of a period marked a very good-intent and result-oriented campaign. People with disabilities are forced to remain alone with their destinies. While there should not be any structures on this type of disabled roads, in many places such railings, bus stops or parked vehicles can be seen on such pavements and roads. is the failure to make or use the flat ramps which can be used by wheelchair users.

Wheel chair users and social life for disabled people we encounter as intense, although some municipalities have made private roads, the sidewalks in many cities of Turkey are made of smooth ramp. Similarly, auxiliary ramps must be available for boarding and boarding.

In this sense, a critical saying, “Every healthy person is a candidate for disability” is a proposition that should not be removed from mind. Unless healthy individuals consider and assist disabled people, this conscientious wound will continue to bleed every day. In Europe, where there is a high level of understanding and tolerance towards people with disabilities, all community services are carried out in such a way that citizens with disabilities can also benefit easily.

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