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5 Diseases Causing Excessive Hair Removal in Women

Excess hairs in the body are among the biggest problems of women. The predominance of the androgen hormone in the female body is harder and more frequent as the condition of the hair becomes more annoying. Hirsutism can be controlled by modern methods in a short time.

The male hormone you blame for more hair?

Everyone has a certain amount of hair in their body. In some cases, women may experience excessive hair growth for unknown hormonal reasons. These androgen-sensitive hairs cause male pattern hairs in women as a result of the dominant hormone. Hirsutism, which is unique to women, and this disease is the result of the onset of androgen domination. Androgen-fed hair follicles tend to stimulate this hormone to disperse hard, thick, and male pattern hair.

Are Mediterranean women unlucky?

It is known that women living in the Mediterranean basin have more hair than their counterparts in Europe and America. However, the reason for this hair growth is not the excess hormone, but the sensitivity of the hair follicle. Enzymatic and receptor sensitivity are enhanced by a series of reactions in the region of hair growth. This may require advanced laboratory techniques, but the diagnosis can be made based on the patient’s history, that is, the hair structure of other women in the family.

Can these diseases increase hair growth in your body?

In addition to hormonal imbalances, some disorders can cause overheating in women.

Diseases that cause excessive secretion of androgen hormone, such as adrenal gland diseases.
Ovarian tumors or cysts
Imbalances in estrogen hormone as a result of thyroid disease
Diseases of the pituitary gland
Polycystic ovary syndrome
If your hair falls like a man
A method called Tanner staging is used to evaluate her hair. In particular, the line from the arm, leg, face, nipples, navel and groin and from the waist to the coccyx is examined. In addition to inhalation, male pattern hair loss and muscle mass increase are also evaluated. Estrogen, androgen, thyroid and pituitary hormones should be examined after staging in these patients.

What’s the treatment for?

Treatment is started for the problem detected during the examinations. If the patient has a tumor secreting prolactin, surgery is required when administered to reduce medical treatment. In case of adrenal gland thickening or tumor, appropriate treatment planning is performed. If polycystic ovary syndrome is a problem that causes hair growth, this time diet and medication can be applied. Although treatments are applied to loss or loss of styled hair, especially in combination with medical treatment; softening of the hardness of the hair, too often to prevent growth, waxing, laser, hair removal aims to support mechanical treatments such as. In cases where treatment is not applied or deteriorated, these hairs continue to harden further.

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