Amazing Couples You Will Never Believe Are REAL!

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Amazing Couples You Will Never Believe Are REAL!



Long length or short stature?

Our height is a biological feature that we cannot change; but it affects our lives from sexual attraction to the bank account and to the length of life.

Money and Power
Abraham Lincoln, who was 193 cm tall and former US president, was longer than today’s President Barack Obama, which is 8 cm longer than the average American. A recent study shows that tall candidates receive more votes in elections.

Tall men and women are thought to be more dominant, healthy, and intelligent, and more likely to be elected to competing jobs. These people make more money. The reason for this is that the ne magnitude aynı and aynı dominance bes characteristics, which are seen as two important characteristics for leadership, are associated with the long length. In other words, it reflects the general upbringing, which will affect education and subsequent successes.

All successful people are tall, of course. Although Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King were short, they were charismatic. But in terms of the first impression, the tall people are more advantageous.

Tall men are more attractive. Many studies have shown that tall men and women are seen more attractive in general. The height of people is also understood by their faces. In other words, portrait photos placed on matchmaker sites will not be able to hide your overall structure. Because they are called supermodel in the fashion world due to their length, tall women do not benefit from the same advantages; Usually the average size is preferred.

Even for men, being weak and tall is not always an advantage. Women can move with more expectations when evaluating tall men.

Sports and athletics
For many branches of sport, being leggy is advantageous because it provides more guidance. The riders are more likely to send the ball to the right place because they see the opponent forward.

But sometimes a smaller body can provide an advantage. For example, nerve signals from short limbs reach the brain and response time is faster. It also facilitates agility in some martial sports. In the same way, gymnastics, skiing, ice skating and diving sports, such as small-sized people can move more quickly because it is more successful.

Let’s think of the body as an automobile: mechanically, the larger the vehicle, the harder it is to slow down. The magnitude of the acceleration also increases the impact of the impact. Shorter heights will drop from less distance while falling. According to one estimate, a person who is 20 percent taller will accumulate two times more kinetic energy during the fall.

Tall women are more likely to crack the hip bone at the time of the fall. In other words, shorter people are generally less prone to accidents.

Health and longevity
The Villagrande Strisaili region on the island of Sardinia in Italy is the first in Europe for the population exceeding the age of one hundred. Other factors, such as the Mediterranean diet and a lively social life, are considered important, but the fact that people are brief is thought to have contributed to this situation. Here the average length in older generation men is around 160 cm. This result is somewhat surprising. The general belief is that the height of the healthy children is increased and the neck is a good indicator of the general health. When other factors such as diet and health services are ignored, it is seen that the tall people encounter more health problems as they age. For example, the larger your size, the more cells you have, and the more likely they are to mutate and cause cancer. A larger body consumes more energy and more accumulation of toxic substances, leading to general wear in the body.

A survey of over 1.3 million Spanish people, the length of every extra centimeter shortened by 0.7 years was seen. In short, shorter stature may mean longer life.

While long-term health risks such minor risks, many studies show that the tallest are more fortunate to enjoy happiness and life. The reason behind this can be attributed to its impact on career opportunities and money earned. In other words, the tall people are making their way easier in life and happier.

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