6 Life Hacks With a Hairdryer and Other Women’s Secrets You Should Know

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6 Life Hacks With a Hairdryer and Other Women's Secrets You Should Know



Gold measure of the upright breast: 19-21 cm

The experts agreed on the ideal size of the breast. According to this, boyun if the distance between the nipple and the neck pit is 19 to 21 centimeters ç, that breast is the ideal breast. enlarge breast 40 percent of women in Turkey, indicating that surgery to shrink from 60 percent of Acibadem Kadikoy Hospital Assoc. Dr. Raffi Gürünlüoğlu, women said they want to erect breasts ’Mastopexy ek called ek breast suspension ‘surgery, ist breasts and stitch the breasts are steep. We adjust the verticality according to the degree of breast sagging sark Assoc. Gürünlüoğlu, the body anatomy of this surgery and the patient’s expectations are important, said they used silicone to fill the hollow breasts.

Plastic surgery specialist who stated that the distance between the nipple and neck pit is 19-21 cm. Dr. Raffi Gürünlüoğlu, ‘This size by looking at the size of the woman, shoulder width, breast placement, according to the state of the chest, we measure the breast according to the restructuring’ he said. Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Mithat Ulay said, uk We are removing four pounds of breast tissue from some patients. Here we make an ideal measure of 19-21 centimeters and make breasts according to the patient’s anatomy. Burada Dr. Ulay emphasized that breast reduction surgeries are met by private insurances in the Netherlands and Germany, and breast size varies according to breeds.

Memorial Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist, who describes the definition of an aesthetic breast as ve of appropriate size, proper placement and beautiful shape bir. Dr. Tugrul Turan,, There are two measures. When a person places his arm on a breast at a 90-degree angle, the nipple must come to the middle of the arm. In the second, it is aesthetic that the distance from the neck pit to the nipple is 19-21 centimeters en. Emphasizing that the beautiful breast will be shaped according to the woman’s anatomy. Turan, ında This measure is 17 centimeters in a petite woman with beautiful tits, 24 centimeters in a tall beautiful breasted woman.

Then trying to pull to 19 centimeters can disturb the aesthetic image, O he said. International Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op.Dr. Nuri Soysal stated that the measure of 19-21 centimeters is a ’measurement standard ve used in breast lifting and erecting, and that there may be some differences between short and tall women. Dr. Soysal said, ece The ideal breast is thought to be between 19 and 21 centimeters. This allows us to make more objective evaluations.

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