40 Life Hacks You Should Know

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40 Life Hacks You Should Know



7 Natural Beauty Secret

In the last decade, we hear more “natural cosmetics” promise. Initially, it was only perceived as “exotic fashions” but now it has become a necessity. Women increasingly prefer natural products. Because the skin is designed to be protected against external influences, it is very sensitive to chemicals. More than 10,000 chemicals are used in many creams, shampoos and gels. These substances that pass through the blood through the skin cause allergy and diseases.

Renewing Plants
Now the world is returning to a natural life. Advanced cosmetics include plant extracts and aromatic oils. Using various forms of plants and minerals, new cosmetics are offered to women. Hereditary plants and traditional medicine secrets of everyone is a matter of curiosity.
In fact, the same plants have been used for thousands of years to protect the beauty of women.

Fruit extracts, flower essential oils, medical roots, spice concentrates were very old. But today people value nature because they value nature today. Renewal plants, seeds, etc. With the help of all kinds of skin care can be done at home.

And now it’s time to use them for your benefit. Because without going into the summer, you should care for yourself without warming up. You are only protected by the sun’s damage to your face, your hands and your body.

Do not imagine a fresh skin

When you look at yourself in the mirror, the emergence of new wrinkles gives sadness. Don’t treat it, it’s in nature.

We live in a generous nature. Not only herbs and oils, but also the nutrients you eat, using the meticulous care of them to maintain the freshness and elasticity of the skin is possible. The nature has even prepared its own “fresh” beauty recipes that spice up thousands of medicinal herbs in spring!

For the body and skin we just need to know the benefits of fruits and vegetables as a true friend, not just natural plants and roots. Natural cosmetics based on them are not accessible.

The beauty of nature, which does not contain harmful paints, synthetic fragrances and preservatives, has been confirmed for hundreds of years. Let’s look at a few of them:

Beauty in the coffee cup
To improve skin, you can use coffee grounds and carrots together. These products have both natural shine and tanning effect to the skin. You will take one tablespoon of carrot and pour it over the coffee in the cup you drink. It’s that easy. Mix the rest, ride on the face and massage for 3-5 minutes. After half an hour, wash with a nourishing cream. This app is perfect for people with pale skin.

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