15 Super Foods That Make Your Body Pure

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15 Super Foods That Make Your Body Pure

Inflammation is our body’s response to protect itself from infection, disease or injury. The long duration of this process affects the quality of life negatively. So is it possible to prevent inflammation and get rid of chronic diseases? What nutrients do we need to consume for our body to recover faster?

Short-term inflammation is a beneficial process for the body; This is the period when reactions such as pain, redness, swelling occur. In this process, the production of white blood and immune cells increases, the body protects itself. Long-term inflammation creates chronic inflammation, which can cause many diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

What we say all this as you may have noticed, most common in Turkey and in the world, the kind that adversely affect quality of life and shorten the life of diseases. The diet that I will recommend is based on traditional Mediterranean and Japanese nutrition methods that aim to prevent heart diseases and other chronic diseases and support healthy and long life. Here is the article by Sabah writer Selahattin Dönmez entitled “The shortness of inflammation is beneficial, it is harmful for a long time” …

15 Super Foods That Make Your Body Pure


Studies show that the increase in body mass index in individuals increases the release of substances that cause inflammation. Therefore, consuming sufficient amount and quality protein in the diet is important for preventing the development of chronic inflammatory diseases.

It is also beneficial in providing long-term toughness and preventing excess weight by suppressing the feeling of hunger. It is recommended to consume more of vegetable protein sources compared to animal protein sources in the diet. Vegetable protein sources such as dried legumes and whole grains provide beneficial antioxidants and nutrients.

As an animal protein source, eggs, fatty fish, skinless chicken and turkey meat, low-fat milk and dairy products can be eaten. It is necessary to eat at least three portions of red beans, lentils, chickpeas a week. Low-fat milk and dairy products should be consumed one or two portions every day.

Since red meats are particularly rich in saturated fats, it is not recommended to consume more than two portions (160 grams) per week on this diet. 2- 6 servings (at least 300 grams) of fish should be consumed per week and the consumption of other seafood should also be increased.

15 Super Foods That Make Your Body Pure


The source of carbohydrates in this diet is whole grain products such as brown rice, basmati rice, buckwheat, barley, quinoa, oats, fresh vegetables and fruits. Whole grains are digested slowly, thus reducing the frequency of spikes in blood sugar that support inflammation.A high intake of vegetables and fruits is known to reduce inflammatory changes and provide significant protection against cancer, heart disease and other serious conditions. helps reduce, supports digestive health and reduces chronic inflammation. It is another reason why vegetables and fruits are low in calories and contain plenty of nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and carotenoids.

15 Super Foods That Make Your Body Pure


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