15 Super Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

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15 Super Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger


The excuse of hips, the main issue of estrogen

’The slang saying that begins with iş tomato paste land is scientifically proven. Of course, people wonder, for a thousand years, what is needed to rediscover a fact known. But science doesn’t just find it to look good in the eyes, it’s instinctive, it’s hormonal. So it was not possible for the man to prefer the hips of the hip. In this case, the shrinking fashion of recent periods certainly does not overlap with the general appreciation.

HUMAN believes in the sacrifices of science. The man is an idiot who has explored the body sizes of the Playboy Beauties of the last 50 years and made a great discovery. Dr.Martin Voracek’s British medical journal published recently in the British Medical Journal, according to research published in the playmate measurements, since 1953 has shrunk in progress.

According to the findings of Dr.Voracek, who examined 577 of the Playboy beauties, the beautiful hourglass form of Marilyn Monroes was gone, and it was replaced by a boyish look. This boy lies at the focal point of the view, the thickening waist, the shrinking chest and the narrowed hips. Dr.Voracek concludes that the change in the look of the Playboy girls changes the taste of men.

But is this a true result?


Considering that Playboy only speaks to a man’s taste, he must be. In fact, today’s famous stars, such as Sophia Loren or Gina Lollobrigida, such as walking around the hip to walk. Except for Jennifer Lopez, it’s not possible to find a celebrity with her ass.

This is where another research comes into play. Again originating from England. According to this study, men prefer the women with the hips of Jennifer Lopez.

87 percent of the 500 men asked about the female figure said that he preferred the round-legged, full-bodied women. They’ve ordered his weight to be appropriate. This corresponds to a size of 40 – 42. 8 percent of the petite body weight and the lower limit is preferred. The rest of the sensual (now somehow) have expressed their opinion.

According to the same study, 88 percent of women think that men like women with their folds in place. In other words, there is a full consensus between the two types.

Dr.David Perrett of the University of St. Andrews discusses these results. He says that rounded lines are indicative of feminine hormones like estrogen, and that these hormones make women healthy, young and, of course, fertile. Because the periods of poor women can fail. Obese women have fertility problems. So here is the phenomenon that Darwin described as sexual selection.

Psychologist Dr.Perrett mainly specializes in the attractiveness of facial contours. There are universal rules in this area, such as body size. In every corner of the world, every research gives the same result as the ideal face: big eyes, smooth skin, a tiny nose, plump lips, a tight, pointed jaw. These are all abundant estrogen and potential fertility indicators.

As the age of women progresses, the level of estrogen drops, especially the lips. Thus, women who inflate their lips like meatballs by injection, rather than appeal to the eyes, give men the message ten I have fertility potential kö D.


The eyes can also be extremely critical. We made an experiment in the United States. Male and female subjects are divided into couples, tell your intimate aspects to each other, and then four minutes to look at the eye. After all, they were deeply affected by these views and even married a couple. Because glowing eyes were a sign of health and fertility.

The symmetry in the face is also said to be another sign of fertility. Since our DNA is programmed into symmetric production, the two sides of the face are perfectly identical, giving a feeling of health and fertility.

As can be seen from the round line, youth and freshness, all male preferences, scientists are explained by the instinct of reproduction. I don’t know if this is a cover or not.

Women choose according to the immune system.

Men are almost always a standard case for estrogen. However, more complicated hormonal criteria are introduced in women’s choice of spouse.

The ortaya smelly t-shirt experiment mayan by the Swiss biologist Claus Wedekind has shown that women like people who don’t smell like their parents. The result of this experiment is also linked to the reproductive instinct.

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