15 Psychological Violence of Women in Relationships!

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15 Psychological Violence of Women in Relationships!



Violence against women, which we have struggled for centuries and completely struggle to put an end to, can be seen in many different forms. The most difficult of these types of violence is the psychological violence that causes the person to feel guilty, insecure, helpless and powerless.

If psychological violence, which is a type of violence that directly threatens the mental health of the woman, is detected as early as the other types of violence, the process of getting out of the relationship and the recovery process is fast.

So let’s take a closer look at the behaviors that can help you get to know psychological violence and increase your awareness..

15 Psychological Violence of Women in Relationships!

1. They despise and disregard what you can do, your skills and your dreams. They underestimate your desperate skills and dreams. They also use your mistakes to hurt you. Trying to convince you that you cannot do anything right, they try to shake your self-confidence deeply and prevent you from developing yourself.

2. They try to keep you within the limits determined by you themselves in every matter, from making decisions on your behalf to who you are going to see where you will go. So they try to keep the control in your own hands and destroy your self-confidence.

3. To isolate you; They try to move away from your family, your friends and your social environment.

4. They always try to keep you under the guise of jealousy.
They try to impose on you that they think that they show their love with extreme jealousy and that they have the right to do whatever it does under the name of jealousy and tell you what you are not going to do.

15 Psychological Violence of Women in Relationships!

5. Your height, your weight, your hair, in short, your outward appearance will lose your confidence and respect by making fun of your own skirt.

6. They try to intimidate, suppress and scare you by swearing.

7. They threaten you with anything you love and value (your pet, your children, your relatives) and harm to everything and everyone if you do not do what you like. Threats may not always turn into anything physical, but they try to put pressure on you by intimidating them with threats.

8. Show you as responsible for your own behavior and everything that happened, and try to cause you to feel guilty. They try to escape responsibility and justify themselves. They show you and your behavior as the cause and responsible of all their actions against you. However, the person responsible for violence is never the person who is subjected to violence. Therefore, it is important that the person does not question himself and does not doubt himself.

9. They always compare you / others with other women. They aim to make you feel incomplete, wrong and worthless and compare you to other women.

10. They force you to think of him in the same way. They compel you to think like he is by claiming only what they know best, and they try to convince you that it is for your own good.

15 Psychological Violence of Women in Relationships!

11. He treats you as troubled or insane and tries to make you feel like you are.
Because you need to convince you that you have the problem.

12. When you are alone or in a crowded environment, they will insult you and humiliate you. They insult you by creating flaws in everything you do.

13. He ignores you, can not get what they want, the pain, narrow and they will try to punish you not to speak with you.

14. Every time you ask where you are doing what you are doing, sometimes they come across you wherever you go, as if by chance.

15. Does not allow you to leave the house; They try to confine you to the house. They do not allow you to work outside the house, confiscate your income and force you to break into your social environment.

15 Psychological Violence of Women in Relationships!


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