100 Years of Periods

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100 Years of Periods



Every healthy and fertile woman in her reproductive age is regularly followed. The menstrual cycle is usually experienced every 28 days. However, this process can occur between 21 and 35 days. It is not considered normal to see less frequently or frequently than the specified days.

The menstrual cycle remains temporarily during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and permanently during the menopause period. The menstrual cycle refers to the time from the last menstrual period to the first day of the next menstrual period. A daughter considers her first period average age twelve years old.

Since ovulation is not activated in this process, menstrual irregularity is normal. This situation will soon be settled. At this stage the hormones and genital organs ripen. In this way, spawning is regulated.

Causes menstrual bleeding?

Some hormones are secreted from the brain in the menstrual cycle. These secreted hormones are stimulated by ovulation. In this way, if the egg meets with the sperm is fertilized and fertilized cells in the uterus to prepare the appropriate conditions are prepared. If the pregnancy has not taken place, this structure is poured by periodic bleeding.

Then a new period of preparation for the period begins.
The first day of menstrual bleeding is considered the first day of the onset of menstrual cycle. In this process, GnRH secretion from the region called hypothalamus in the brain supports hormone stimulation and initiates secretion. With the effect of FSH hormone, a pouch in the ovary is called a follicle.

The egg cell is located in this pouch. When the maturation process is completed, the egg is released from this sac. At the same time, the inner layer of the uterus continues to develop with the effect of estrogen hormone. In this way, the uterus is prepared in a possible fertilization of the embryo.

If pregnancy does not occur, the inner layer of the uterus is expelled from the body with blood in its period. In short, ovulation and menstrual vision are managed by the brain. Therefore, due to external factors such as stress, period may be delayed.

Why is menstrual bleeding every month?

After spawning occurs, a substance called yellow body occurs in the ovary. The life of the yellow body is approximately 14 days. As the yellow body reaches the end of 14 days, the secretion of the progesterone hormone secretes. When the progesterone hormone in the blood falls below a certain level, the inner layer of the uterus loses its support. For this reason, bleeding occurs and the inner layer of the uterus is removed from the body and begins to prepare for the new cycle cycle.

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