10 Weirdest Shoes You’ve Never Seen

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10 Weirdest Shoes You've Never Seen



Why do heels show women more attractive?

One of the most damaging habits that women have had to get started, couldn’t leave after they started, perhaps invested a small fortune in their lifetime, is a heel shoe.

Since I am a bit comfortable with clothing, I have used heeled shoes only on special occasions but now I have started to give place in my daily life. For everyday use I’m comfortable with a little lower heels. When going out at night, the elegance is more prominent, so I’m raising the height of the heel a little more. Of course, the higher the heel, the more the pain suffered. At the end of the night, even though I promise myself nok never again, iyor I go again the next time I go and wear the highest heels, with the same pain and swollen feet I end the night. I’m trying to stay on top of the slender two bars to look more attractive, to feel more sexy.

Why would anyone find a woman more attractive with heels? Heeled shoes first, who is wearing? Why aren’t men wearing high heels? How has the high-heeled shoes become the symbol of femininity and attractiveness?

If women are trying to walk on thin sticks for centuries, thinking that they are more attractive, there is an evolutionary explanation and I have done a little research.

The effect of heeled shoes on walking
In their article, Paul Morris, Jenny White, Edward Morrison and Kayleigh Fisher, who are psychologists in the University of Portsmouth in England, aimed to explain why women prefer heeled shoes. According to the researchers, the anatomical characteristics of women and men as a natural result of being different, the gait of the two genera is different from each other. The function of the shoe with heels is simply that the woman is more feminine.

Men walk faster than women, with a wider pitch range and fewer steps. In the same way, when we look at the side-by-side movements, it is observed that the hip area of ​​the females is moving more than the other regions while the men are active in walking.

The same researchers have carried out many different experiments to test the difference between walking characteristics of women and men. In these experiments, spots were frequently placed at certain points in the body of the subjects and their images were recorded. Followers can only see the points of these records, pointing to the movement of the points of women’s or men’s body was expected to understand what is moving. The absence of any image on the screen, except for points of interest to the audience, hair color, body shape, eliminating external factors such as the movement allows only to focus.

As a result of the experiment, although the participants did not see anything except the points moving on the screen, the result was that they could distinguish between men or women.

High-heeled shoes make women distinctive features
The same researchers, in another study to investigate the effect of heeled shoes on the attractiveness of women in the same woman flat and heeled shoes to compare the results of two separate shoes.

Using the same punctuation method, 30-second videos were asked to compare the images of the same woman wearing high heels and flat shoes instead of comparing the walk of men and women this time.

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