10 Weirdest Marriages That Actually Happened!

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10 Weirdest Marriages That Actually Happened!



Interesting Marriage Numbers in the World

In France, when the wedding couples marry the groom, the bride takes the bride from her house and walk to the church. Young children with their white ribbons in their hands cut their paw on the road and the couple continues their way by cutting the ribbons. This means that they will overcome all obstacles to their path. In the wedding ceremonies of the couples to be married, the guests bring the flowers themselves.

In Sweden, women who come to the wedding area are not welcome to wear red dress. The woman wearing the red color claims that she has a relationship with the groom before.

Couples who will marry in Poland prefer to get married in the last month and the couples who are married in Poland expect to be happier. Belly dancers are the musts of weddings in Poland. In the middle of the wedding, they move the bride like a belly dancer.

In Germany brides wear a crown adorned with flowers and flowers instead of the bride’s crown. At the end of the weddings they cut the log with a saw. This means that they can overcome the difficulties they face. Guests arriving at the wedding throw rice grains over the couple, which symbolizes abundance. At the end of the night, they are believed to have children as much as rice grains.

Brides in Scotland are taken to the street the day before the wedding, and ingredients such as egg-paste are mixed with the bride and the whole city is circulated. At night, they sit in the middle of the family elders and wash their feet. This means that the married couple will move towards happiness. At the wedding, the bride puts a coin in her two shoes.

In many parts of South Africa, the girl’s side of the male side for marriage should be given the title coin called lobolo. This money is believed to bring families closer and mutual respect. In some parts of Africa, the man’s family, after requesting her daughter, gives the family money and peanuts at will. The bride-to-be divides the peanut with the groom, and the piece is given a piece to help the couple unite. This means wedding invitations to neighbors and relatives.

They play a giden gate game ün by cutting the way for the groom in China. The bride and groom go to the groom’s house for ine tea ceremony Gelin. When the bride leaves the house, her friend holds a red umbrella over her head and relatives and rice. It is believed that the umbrella protects from evil and brass will be blessed. Couple at the wedding, they kneel three times. Of these, for heaven and the world, for their ancestors and for their parents. He then kneels at each other and serves tea to guests according to age. The person who takes the tea gives a variety of gifts.

In Bulgaria, the boy goes with her closest friend to ask for her parents’ house, while the special house called ğu rakia zengin, which represents happiness, health and wealth, goes with a bouquet and a flower called eye zdravet ’. He brings little gifts to his father, and his father treats him with the thought that he is the head of the house. If the father likes the groom, he asks 3 times if he is ready for marriage. If the answer is positive, he sends gifts to the man’s family. A special bread is made on Thursday before the wedding.

The first day of weddings in Turkmenistan, which lasted for 3 days, is called gün lie cello ek and the second day is called ler çin çelpek Türkmen. Women gathered at home during the wedding time, opened the cake called Çelpek and roast the sheet. It is almost equivalent to its weight with the gold worn by the Turkmen brides at weddings. While the weight of the jewelry is only 36 kilos, it finds 40 kilos with the embroidered bridal gown and other items called örtü cure Sadece.

At the very beginning of the British tradition, the church needs to play the bell. When the bride and groom enter and leave the church, the bells are stolen and they throw double flowers.


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