10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

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10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

Most of pregnant women have some fear. For example, İf I drink coffee my baby will be damaged.
We have made a list for pregnant or candidate of pregnant women. This article is about pregnancy myths.

1) The Women Who is Pregnant Should Not Colour Her Hair

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

Latest researches show that pregnant women can dye their hair during the pregnancy. The chemicals in hair products won’t cause any damage to the baby. However; here are some rules that you must be careful!

1) Dye your hair after 3rd month
2) While your hair is being dyed, be sure that the windows are open, and the air is fresh
3) Do not leave the dye on your hair too long time
4) Don’t dye your hair more than 4 times during your pregnancy.

2) If You Are Pregnant You Can Not Fly

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

Researches prove that travelling with plane won’t cause any damage to mom and her baby. If your pregnancy has problems, it is better to fly under 30,000 feet above the ground. You should see the doctor to get for a professional opinion.
You must avoid flying in the following cases:
1) If you are in 36 or more weeks of pregnancy
2) medical conditions, like respiratory and cardiac diseases.

3) If You Are Pregnant You Should Not Take A Bath

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

Latest study shows that pregnant women enjoy baths. But there are somethings that you must be careful.
You should not be in the bath more than 20 minutes because longer time in the bath can cause increased risk of infections.
The water temperature must be under the  98°F because higher temperatures cause reducing blood to the fetus. It means that the baby will be under stress.

4) You Shouldn’t Eat Deli Meat

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

Deli meat can concern listeria and it is risk of infection for pregnant women. It does not mean you can not eat hot dog or a sandwich during your pregnancy. Just make sure to heat them 165°F for your baby’s and your health.

5) The Pregnant Woman Must Not Sleep On Her Back

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

If your doctor says that there will be no problem sleeping on your back there is no problem. 😊

6) You Should Not Drink Alcohol If You Are Pregnant

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

A research from Bristol University has proven that there is not any evidence 1 or 2 glass of wine in a week can damage the unborn baby.

7) You Can’t Drink Coffee During the Period of Pregnancy

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

Coffee has caffeine inside it. However, cola, chocolate and tea contain caffeine. If you do not drink so much tea and cola in a day you can drink coffee. Also, there are some coffee choices without caffeine.

8) You Can Not Do Exercises

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

Exercise is significant during your pregnancy period. Safe types of exercises have a perfect role in pregnancy time such as, walking, yoga, swimming, aerobics, stretching etc.
Away from heavy exercises.

9) You Should Not Eat Sweets

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

Sugar is harmful for all creatures.  If you want to eat some sweet food, of course you can eat but avoid much more…

10) Seafood is Harmful For Pregnant Women

10 Pregnancy Don’ts Myths Women Can Do

It has so many benefits eating seafood while during the pregnancy. They have so much vitamins and minerals.
Only avoid from shark, swordfish and marlin.

Note that this article shows the latest studies not a medical thing. If you want to take professional information you should see your doctor.

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