10 People Who Turned Into Plastic

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10 People Who Turned Into Plastic



. If you get breast aesthetics, you cannot breastfeed your child in the future kusur,… If you become a nose aesthetic, your nose will deteriorate naturally and it is easily understood that you have plastic surgery kolaylıkla, burn You are not old enough to have face lift ği Today’s aesthetic world, as well as the accumulation of knowledge, as well as developing problems in our body, both our body and find solutions to problems that can disturb us and can make a mirror again. However, with the increasing frequency of aesthetic surgery and increasing interest in this subject, some misinformation also increases in the same rate.

From the beginning of the idea of ​​an aesthetic intervention in our minds, we encounter positive or negative judgments of the people around us, of our relatives or of our friends. Which of these are right, which ones are wrong? Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Umut Sinan Ersoy, 10 known about the aesthetic surgery told.

1. Wrong: Face lift? Are you so old?

Actually, you don’t need to be too old for facial rejuvenation surgeries such as face lifting, eyebrow lifting, forehead lift, eyelid aesthetics, fat injection, and you don’t have to wait for deep wrinkles on your face. Even though you are in your thirties, your eyebrows can be noticeably reduced, your eyelids may be noticeable, your lower eyelids may not close your eye lids, there may be excess weight in your upper eyelids, loss of volume on your cheeks and in the middle of your face, or premature sagging. However, the size and technique of the procedures to be performed are slightly different from the older ones.

For example, mid-face lifting, lower and upper eyelid aesthetics, oil injection to various areas, botox, filler, chemical and mechanical peeling, laser applications are sufficient, while in addition to these treatments, all face and neck stretching may be required. Which of these methods will suit you is determined by a detailed face analysis taking your wishes and complaints into consideration. In facial rejuvenation surgeries, the goal is not a “stretched in face that is unlike you, not a artificial face, but a yüz rejuvenated ında natural face that resembles your state of youth.

2. Wrong: Are you going to have a botox at this age? You don’t have any wrinkles …

In fact, contrary to the common belief that botox should be done at an advanced age, it is a more appropriate approach to start treatment early in people who are actively using mimic muscles and who have wrinkles during facial movements, even before the deep and permanent wrinkles are formed. Botox can be safely administered even in the early thirties.

After a detailed analysis, when the botox is applied in appropriate doses and appropriate areas, it is quite successful and gives close to natural results, and it is prevented from creating a ve botox face oldukça or ul expressionless face ve appearance. A well-applied botox does not change facial expression.

3. Wrong: If you go to the aesthetic surgeon, he will examine you and tell you about his deficiencies and he determines the treatment process.

Rather: Aesthetic interventions are not necessary, but because of your request. If you are not complaining about the appearance of any part of your body, then this is not a problem to be treated. If you love a thin belt in your nose, a slight excess in your upper eyelid, or if you’re happy with the fine lines on your eye, that face is the most beautiful, most aesthetic face for you. You decide which region you don’t like; After you have confirmed the relationship of this perception with your appearance, you can proceed with the treatment options.

You take the options one by one and decide on the treatment together. Your physician will tell you about your faults outside of your reason for going to him and motivates you in terms of treatment in this regard, whether in the examination room or in a social environment, there will be no appropriate behavior for both professional ethics and courtesy rules.

4. Wrong: If you become a nose aesthetic, the naturalness of your nose completely deteriorates and everyone understands that you have done aesthetics easily.

To be honest: At the first glance, a nose that can be easily understood, giving itself immediately, cannot be a well-made nose. Contrary to the old approach, it is possible to obtain noses that are both natural-looking, beautiful and suitable for the face, and not understood by the protective techniques applied today. You can find out the possible results in detail in your interview with your plastic surgeon in order to expel these concerns from your head and even see the result in three dimensions with the new simulation technologies.

5. Wrong: If you get breast aesthetics, you can’t breastfeed your child in the future.

In fact: Breast augmentation surgery, breast tissue is left out of the operating area, the integrity is completely protected. With the modern techniques, the nipple and the tip, which will enable you to breastfeed in the shrinkage and uplift operations, together with the canal system immediately behind them, the breast tissue is protected as a whole, including the vascular structure and the sensory feature. In surgery, the ones that are outside the tissues, which are sufficient to create the breast in the size and shape, which are aesthetically targeted, are discarded.

6. Wrong: You’re going to make liposuction? But you’re not overweight.

Rather: Liposuction is not a weight loss method but a body shaping method. Liposuction can be done even in people who think that the silhouette formed by the body lines as a result of irregularity in the distribution of fat does not appear to the eye. On the other hand, the fat distribution in the body of someone you think is overweight is proportional and the body lines are aesthetically satisfactory; That person may not be suitable for liposuction.

Whether you are overweight or unhappy with your appearance, you may be a suitable candidate for the process of oil removal from desired areas and re-oiling techniques to the desired areas. For example, if the curvature between your waist pit and your buttocks is not very obvious and your hips are splayed, they are injected into the middle of your buttocks by taking the excess fats on the sides and the inside, so that this area can be made more formal.

7. Wrong: If you have liposuction, you will have a deep sag.

In fact: Pre-operative assessment, your doctor by which regions, in what amounts and depth to be applied; this is not a problem as long as it is well defined in which regions to be more restricted. In addition, thanks to ultrasound and laser-assisted liposuction technologies, this loosening can be prevented by ensuring that the six excess drained skins hold onto the floor more tightly.

8. Wrong: Silicone prostheses used for breast augmentation were making cancer.

Indeed: There is no connection between breast prostheses and cancer incidence. It also does not prevent or delay the diagnosis of cancer.

9. Wrong: If you take breast after breast cancer, you will have to live the rest of your life in this way.

Honestly: No, you don’t have to live out. After the diagnosis of breast cancer, your breast surgeon and aesthetic, you can make a request for re-breast-forming surgery in your interviews with your plastic surgeon. This can be done simultaneously with or after removal of the breast; it can be done by means of its own tissue or silicone sealant.

10. Wrong: Use an antiperspirant cream in case of injury.

In fact: scientifically, there is no cure for scarring. In all injuries where skin integrity is impaired, a more or less pronounced scar remains inevitable. The appearance of this permission varies depending on many factors. These are related to the causes (nutrition, genetics, diabetes, excessive weight, etc.), injury area, extension, infection, presence of foreign bodies and surgical technique. In some individuals, the tendency to wounds with swelling may rarely be observed. To prevent them, banding, silicone gel layers, compression clothing, cortisone and laser method can be applied.

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