10 Kids Born With RARE Medical Conditions

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10 Kids Born With RARE Medical Conditions



If your baby’s head is bigger than normal NOR

The brain is located in the cerebrospinal fluid in the skull. The cerebrospinal fluid, which is able to protect the brain from feeding, handling of wastes, regulating pressure changes and from external impacts, may increase due to various reasons. Hydrocephalus, the accumulation of water in the head to reach critical dimensions; it can prevent the growth and development of the brain. Although varying from person to person;

Head grows more than normal
Thinning of the scalp and clarification of the veins in the head
Shifting eyes down
Regression in walking or speech is one of the most common symptoms of hydrocephalus.


The treatment of hydrocephalus is done by endoscopic methods or by placing shunt. Whether endoscopic methods will be successful or not can be predicted by the results obtained from imaging studies. Shunt therapy is preferred in cases where endoscopic intervention cannot be applied. The shunt that is attached to the patient for a lifetime ensures that the excess fluid accumulated in the brain is transferred to different parts of the body. In some cases, it may be necessary to change the shunt as it is blocked. In a short time such as 1 hour shunting process, the baby’s brain development is allowed.


It may also be a problem if the head environment does not grow like excessive growth. Due to premature ossification, the closure of the skull prior to expected causes the brain to remain under pressure. In this case, which is called kraniosinostosis, the fontanel which is defined as the fontanel is closed and causes deformity. The growth of the brain trapped inside the skull causes swelling at the site of the forehead, like the forehead or the back of the skull. Parents in the upper part of the head, known as the biomass of the brain by placing their fingers to follow the beat of the ear is important in terms of early detection of early closure of the skull.


The measurement of the head circumference of the baby that starts in the womb should be done after the birth without any interruption. If you do not grow or grow more than you should have around the head, you should consult an expert immediately. If the skull is closed before the expected time, the skull and the state of the brain are checked by radiological imaging. In case there is no closure on the brain and the brain, there will be a closure to the brain and spinal cord. In order not to have any problems in brain development, it is vital that this procedure be done without losing time. Since the weight of the baby is important in the surgical procedure, 5 or 6 months is generally preferred in the surgeries.


Craniosynostosis 9-10. If the brain starts, the brain is comfortable, the shape is more or less waiting for surgery without waiting for the observation can give positive results. Baby 13-14. If there is no problem other than some deformity when it reaches the moon, this process can be completed without intervention. Early craniosynostosis tables have the possibility of shaping the brain with the child’s lying position. Since the bones of the babies are very elastic, it may not be forgotten that if the patient is kept in the same position continuously, collapse in the direction of hospitalization may occur. In cases of unresponsive craniosynostosis if the brain is not under pressure due to congestion, deformities can be eliminated with a helmet method.


The presence of hydrocephalus or closure defect can be determined by intrauterine ultrasonographic examinations and tests performed on the womb before the baby is born. In the presence of such a risk, delivery is expected for intervention. What happens after the baby is born

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