10 Biggest FAILS On The Fashion Runway

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10 Biggest FAILS On The Fashion Runway



Modeling as one of the most popular profession of recent years, many young people adorn their dreams. Can anyone be a model? What do you need to be a model? What should be the height and weight of the mannequins? Will you be a model without training? How old is the model? Such questions are confusing young people.

Anyone can be a model, the answer to the question to answer the other will be the first step. Of course, the answer to our question is “No.“ Because, like other professions, there are certain criteria for being a model. Just beauty and handsome is not enough to be a model.

What you need for modeling;
To have ideal dimensions from physical point of view,
Training in modeling,
Carrying accessories and clothes in an ideal way,
Being friendly and positive,
Being disciplined and hard working,
Adapting to choreographies,
To be skilled in everything,
Participation in competitions and agencies.
Terms for Male Mannequins
Once upon a time, women’s demand and the model of daydreaming, has now entered the mark of the men. Many young people are working to bring the body structures to the desired criteria, they are trained on this subject and registered to the agencies. So, what are the male models that are wanted, what are the criteria between the criteria and how should young people follow a working method?

Conditions of being a male model;
Minimum 1.80 should be tall.
Size and weight should be balanced.
The leg should be long and the shape should be ideal.
Shoulders and body structure should be wide.
Must be capable of exposure.
He must be highly successful in posture and walking.
Terms for Female Mannequins
Textile, beauty and care, jewelry and accessory sectors are the most targeted target women. Therefore, mannequins are always needed in the mentioned sectors. To make product promotions, support is provided from agencies and famous models. This leads to an increase in the popularity of the profession. So, what are the criteria for the modeling of women? Can anybody make this profession? What should be done in order to become a model of interest and interest? You’re more or less the answer to these questions. But you can also take a look at our criteria.

Conditions of being a female model;
It must have an ideal physics.
Minimum 1.70 in.
The leg should be long and the shape should be ideal.
The hips should be narrow and the waist should be thin.
Breasts should be small.
Must be capable of exposure.
He must be highly successful in posture and walking.
If you decide to become a model;
You should set your career goals at an early age.
You should get the support of your family and friends
You should be trained in the schools of elegance and modeling.
You should consult with people who do this job and get support.
You should investigate the working conditions.
You have to learn the areas of duty and be prepared for a disciplined life.
You should discuss with important agencies in the sector.
You should agree with the agency that is most helpful to you.
All these criteria are also manifested among the conditions of being model. A good model must be successful both on the podium and on the lens. For this, it is useful to have a modeling training.

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