10 Baby Care Tips Every Parents Should Learn

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Importance of Newborn Baby Care

There are practices that are known to be true from the past to the present in the newborn baby care, but are wrong for the baby and the mother. Let’s see how much of the wrongs we know are true.


10 Baby Care Tips Every Parents Should Learn


Wrong arson may cause hip dislocation

According to the belief of our people to make a tight arson, the baby’s body development is good and makes the baby stronger. However, contrary to this idea, we increase the risk of hip dislocation in the baby. Therefore, it is not healthy to make tight arson. But if very restless babies awaken from sleep with their hands and arms, they can be wrapped in a blanket loosely like a half-carriage.

Don’t miss jaundice

In order to prevent jaundice, covering the baby’s face with a yellow cover has no benefit to jaundice. Covering the baby’s face may not be noticed if the baby vomits after feeding. We may not be able to observe the baby’s blockage. There may also be an eye error with the reflection caused by the yellow veil, and if the baby really develops jaundice, we may not notice this color change. For these reasons, the face of the baby should not be covered around the baby objects such as yellow cheesecloth should not be placed in the baby’s yellow clothes.


10 Baby Care Tips Every Parents Should Learn


Let breast milk be your priority

Infants should be fed with breast milk within the first hour for bowel development and regulation of blood sugar. In some cultures, before the first breastfeeding, the baby’s gas in the mouth of pomegranate seed blasting or soda, so that the baby before the milk and milk to give the baby before the application of milk or sugar, such as jaundice in the mold is wrong. These foods given to the baby before breastmilk increases blood sugar rapidly and prevents the mother from absorbing. Sometimes the baby is expected to pass 3 prayer without breastfeeding. This causes low blood sugar in the baby.

Do not apply correct known mistakes !!

  • Another application made in order to avoid gas in babies is to apply rakı to the sole of the baby. This is not healthy for the baby’s skin.
    The baby salts his body so that it does not smell of sweat, but this can cause skin to burn. The application is wrong.


  • The nipples of newborn babies are hard and swollen. The reason for this is the hormones passed from the mother to the baby. These hardnesses should not be rubbed and should not be tightened. May be irritation.


  • Dropping breast milk in nasal obstructions, eye burrs or ear pain is considered to be curative. The content of breast milk is very intense. It can cause congestion when dropping to nose and inflammation when dropping into nose and eye.


  • With the idea that babies like heat, the baby is usually dressed in layers and wrapped in blankets. Therefore, the baby becomes very hot and sweat and loses fluid. Mothers have difficulty waking up when it is time to breastfeed. Therefore, babies should be dressed according to room temperature. She can be dressed one coat more than her mother’s clothing. Room temperature should be between 22 ° C-26 ° C.


  • In some beliefs, colostrum, which we call the first mouth milk, is not given to the baby and thrown into the soil for fertility. The baby needs this colostrum and it is the first vaccine. Therefore, colostrum should be given to the baby.


  • The baby’s first stool called meconium is stored under the carpet or on the doorstep for 40 days. This is not true because it is the cause of infection.


  • In order to prevent wounds on the mother’s nipple, it is thought to be useful to apply onions in some beliefs. But there is no research to prove its accuracy. On the contrary, the baby may refuse to breast because there is a change in smell and taste.


10 Baby Care Tips Every Parents Should Learn

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